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Store Opening Soon

I’ll be opening the Big Think Games game store soon. It will be a combination Amazon Affiliate store and games from my personal collection. I’ve decided to sell off some of my collection to help finance some of my other endeavors. Most of the proceeds will... read more

Buy a Better Bismarck Box

Some people do “Un-Boxings.” I do “Re-Boxings” The last one I did was for Flat Top. Click here to see that project. This time it’s Avalon Hill’s Bismarck. I must say that this is by far my favorite game in my collection. I have two... read more

Follow my Flipboard Magazine After Action

I created a magazine on Flipboard called After Action. After Action features mainly wargame-centric articles, reviews and after action reports. I tend to feature mostly naval and modern land warfare games. I include board games and games that can be played on various... read more

After Action Magazine


<i>2ND EDITION</i><p>When <b>Warfighter 2nd Edition</b>, plus all the expansions and the Footlocker arrived in an awesome package, it was like Christmas, my birthday …

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Get all kinds of cool and hard to find stuff here. You will find variants, utilities and other sundry gaming goodies both analog and digital.


What is Big Think Games?
Big Think Games is simply a hobby site. It centers mainly around wargames but may also veer off into models, miniatures and even pop culture. If it doesn’t fit my professional life it will probably land here.