What About Big Think Games?


I’m big into WWII and Modern Naval games.

My nom de plume is Mike Rinehart. I like games. I came up with Big Think Games when I started my business Big Think Productions back in 2004. I also have Big Think Records that I will release my music under. My intent was to design a few naval board games that I would like to play and write some utilities to play by email or save game states on the web so they would be accessible from anywhere. I really never got past the “high level concept” phase or the 10,000 foot view for those of you in cubicleville.

I created a website and put out a few things I was interested in doing at the time. I even had a little write up on wargamer.com. (I would have linked to the article but I couldn’t find it) So the site sat dormant for a number of years as life and whatnot got in the way.

I work as a composer and as a web developer to earn a living so I decided I needed some web space to talk about one of my favorite hobbies: Board Gaming! Hence I installed wordpress and resurrected the Big Think Games web property. It will give me a place to post stuff about games whether it be articles, reviews, game utilities I find or write (I still have a few ideas for mobile apps) and anything else gaming, well hobby related.

If you see anything that might in a post or a page here let me know. I can be found many places on the internet.

Here’s my contact info:
Big Think Games: mike (at) big think games (dot) com
Board Game Geek: Profile Page, Want List, Trade List, Collection
I’m known as miker42 on most forums I frequent. On consimmworld.com I go by Mike Rinehart. I like to keep it real there.