I created a magazine on Flipboard called After Action. After Action features mainly wargame-centric articles, reviews and after action reports. I tend to feature mostly naval and modern land warfare games. I include board games and games that can be played on various mobile devices as well.

I’ve had the magazine going for about a year or so now and while I’ve had quite a few page flips I still only have a modest 300 or so followers. I try to post something in there every few days. Seems I’ve been a bit of a rut lately as far as finding sites with good quality content to feature. One of the issues is when you “flip” a story sometimes the whole article does not show in the flipboard feed or it shows up as if you were viewing it in a web browser. I’d like to try to get that sorted with flipboard to make it a cohesive viewing experience.

Anyway, take a look at After Action here and follow along. Plus if you have any suggestions for content or sources for content, let me know in the comments below.