Well, the game store I blogged about in a previous post has closed its doors after 15 years of serving Atlanta. I wonder if it is the current state of the economy or the fact that when they moved locations they lost clientèle. I’m not sure. I’m sure I’ll run into a gaming bud at some point that can offer some insight. My guess is the price of a gallon of gas and disposable income to spend on games are inversely proportional to each other.

I quit going after visiting the new location. It was harder to get to and didn’t have the same appeal. Plus the gaming space was severely reduced. The noise coming from the ample back area that ranged from conversations about dwarfs, wizards, all things Warhammer and the occasional dialogs in Klingon was part of the appeal of the place.

I’m a bit disappointed in the fact that getting new games or hard to find models is now a little more difficult now that the store has gone. But alas, there is still eBay and BoardGameGeek.

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